Meet Shan

mom  |  wife  |  artist  |  humanitarian  |  latte lover

Shan is a right-brain dominant, creative thinker who desires to help eliminate financial, spiritual and emotional poverty and hunger around the world. Skilled in visual and written communications, project and event coordination, early childhood education, and with a love for all that is unique and beautiful, her strengths include a keen eye for composition, color interaction and an innate ability to put ideas into images and words.

Shan has extensive experience creating communications for print and screen, working largely with the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art & Image Production, and a Master’s Degree in Education & Social Policy. Art and design have always been her first love, beginning at a very early age. Additionally, Shan’s graduate school experience (aside from enhancing her love for small humans) helped to hone her writing skills, which allows her to design materials that are not only visually appealing but also concise, with minimal use of text.

Shan has worked as a professional photo printer (way back in the 35mm days!), an early childhood educator in both Montessori and mainstream preschools, a stay-at-home mom, and most recently spent 7 years working in Communications and Missions for a local church. During her time at the church, she primarily did graphic design and project coordination. Simultaneously, and since leaving this post, she has also worked with multiple nonprofit agencies, providing her talents and graphic design services mostly on a pro-bono basis, as a means of giving back and using her talents to make the world a little better place.

In her free time, Shan enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing anything outdoors, attending concerts and sporting events, traveling, photography, reading, and drinking too much coffee.

No matter who Shan’s “employer” might be, every project gets 100% effort. She believes that she has been blessed with the ability to do something she loves, and therefore she is committed to always put her best work forward!